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Mission & Strategy

Our Mission

  • Spread the Word of Law, pledging our fealty to the Indian Constitution
  • Provide high quality Legal Representation to our Clients, putting our clients’ interest first.
  • Bring experience, dedication and discretion to solving serious and highly personal legal problems.


Our Strategy

We use our patent ‘Triple S’ or the ‘S.S.S.’ (Shield, Strike & Slap) Strategy, conceptualised by our founder, Adv. Chaitanya R.V.

  • Shield : In this part of the strategy, we mentally prepare our Clients for the legal proceedings which may prove psychologically brutal & cruel for the client and his/her family. We achieve this through a series of specially crafted orientation sessions.
  • Strike : After preparing the client, we prepare the case. Our Iron-Clad Drafting & Top quality representation in Court, ensures the best case preparation. We achieve this under the leadership of our founder, Adv. Chaitanya R.V. & with the help of some of the best minds in legal profession that form our Legal Team & through utilisation of the latest, rare & expensive research softwares. Our Office boasts of one of the Largest & Most Comprehensive private Library of Law Books in the Country.
  • Slap : We use this part of the strategy when we represent a defendant against a complainant who has filed an unfair complaint to harass or take undue advantage of our client. We achieve this by refusing to stay on the backfoot & rather slapping the complainant with appropriate litigation. We leave no stone unturned & exhaust every legal remedy against such dubious complaints filed by Fraudsters & Blackmailers.