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Our Founder

An accomplished advocate, Mr. Chaitanya R.V. is considered more than just a lawyer by his clients. He is regarded as a trusted advisor & an intimate guide. His services are highly sought-after due to his strengths that lie in his:

  • Professional ethics
  • Discretion & respect for client’s privacy.
  • Meticulously crafted & Iron-clad Drafting.
  • Sanguine & Offensive Oratory skills in court rooms.

Adv. Chaitanya R.V. is widely known & appreciated for his masterly command over his Speeches & Lectures in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit & Punjabi.


Our Logo

The Lion face is the Sigil of RV Family & has been incorporated as our logo after receiving blessings from the head of RV family, Baapji Sh. Balwant Rai Vashishth. The Lion symbolises the Law fraternity that stands as Vanguards of Justice. As Lawyers, it is our Cardinal Duty to ensure that the spirit of the Indian Constitution, prevails.


Our Motto

‘Non Desistas Non Exieris’ is our motto, which is Latin for ‘Never Give up, Never Surrender’. We live by this motto & present all our cases in the Court, with the same Vigour & Efficacy, that this Motto stands for. We never bow before injustice. We believe that Justice protects those who protect Justice. And we leave no stone unturned to ensure that Justice Stands Tall !